IDRAW CARS Sketchbook

I DRAW CARS sketchbook and reference guide is an indispensible tool for students, designers, hobbyists, artists and car enthusiasts.  We've designed the ultimate car design field guide by pairing commonly used industry reference materials with a ubiquitous and iconic molelskine sketchbook form.  Contents include global automotive brands, global design schools, global auto show dates and locations, reference materials in both print and web format, commonly used proportions and packages, and 100+ pages of templates to practice with.

The only limit is your imagination - use the templates to develop your personal style, use the pages as mood boards and paste inspirational images, or just use the pages to flesh out a concept using your own perspective.  The goal of this book is to encourage practice  - so make it your own, and you'll have a great process book for your portfolio once you've filled it up.

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