IDRAW MOTOS Sketchbook

IDRAW MOTOS is the essential Motorcycle Design guidebook for students, designers, builders, and motorsport enthusiasts.

Designed in collaboration with Dave Mucci of Moto-Mucci in Portland, Oregon, I DRAW MOTOS Sketchbook is part premium sketchbook, part intuitive textbook, and part handy reference guide. IDRAW MOTOS includes critical info like motorcycle anatomy, engine configurations, suspension types and basic bike physics to help inform your designs. The instructional section includes step-by-step tutorials, perspective lessons, wheel lessons and layout fundamentals, paired with 100+ templates to sketch over.

I DRAW MOTOS is a hard cover sketchbook, perfect bound and covered in a premium linen-textured cover with bright painted edges and elastic band. Bright white 100gsm paper carries ink well and won’t bleed.

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